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New Sideline Chairs

RBS Athletics needs new Sideline Chairs for our athletes, and coaches, as well as the visiting teams. The chairs would be customized with the Riverdale Logo/Branding. We’d like to request your help with the replacement cost. Please consider donating towards this!!

You can purchase a chair and get a plaque with your name on it on the back of that chair. Purchase ¼ chair, ½ chair, or the whole chair.

If you own a business or know someone who does and would like the opportunity to donate to this cause, please share!

Again, if you donate towards a chair, your name will be on the back of that chair as a donor (unless you choose to remain anonymous).

Thanks so much for considering this opportunity to invest in Riverdale Athletics!

Together, we can do this!

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Price: $208.00
Purchase (1) chair.
Price: $104.00
Purchase 1/2 of (1) chair.
Price: $52.00
Purchase 1/4 of (1) chair.
Please list the individual or business name you wish placed on the chair(s) you are donating.

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